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COVID-19 Collection

2020 Must-Have
New Generation Reusable Face Mask

The aspect and comfort of our New Generation Reusable Face Mask help with everyday communication and eliminate the frustration that comes along with regular masks.

2020 Must-Have
Transparent Face Cover

Communication is very important and it has more impact when it is visual. Not being able to show your face, and consequently, your emotions make conversations harder.

2020 Must-Have
Face Mask Hook

Our Face Mask Hook will stop your mask from slipping below your nose, and prevent ear irritation and pain.

2020 Must-Have
No-Touch Keychain

The No-Touch Keychain reduces contacts by 99%

2020 Must-Have
Mini Shield

Pick your favorite color: Black, Blue, or Dark Blue.

2020 Must-Have
Face Mask Extra String

• Don't risk getting your mask dirty or losing it by laying it down or inside pocket.
• Keep your face mask securely around your neck when not in use: perfect for errands, a bite to eat, or when taking a phone call.

2020 Must-Have

Our 3D Breath Support will prevent these annoying problems from happening: suffocation due to lack of space, steam on eye glasses, ruined make-upsweat, acne, and unclear conversations.

2020 Must-Have
Foldable Plastic Case for Masks

Putting a mask in a bag or in your pocket after wearing it cancels its protective goal and helps contamination thrive.

It is extremely important to make sure that your mask is keeping you safe when wearing it!

2020 Must-Have
Face Mask with Straw Opening

Keep your mask on and sip your drink!

2020 Must-have
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The best solution for clean hands, wherever you are!
• A "must-have" to avoid contamination
• Practical & Ergonomic
• Easy refill
• Easy to use

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Discover the revolutionary
BeautySoft® BRA

Several studies have shown that 75% of women wear a bra unsuitable for their morphology, which causes dermatological problems and severe pain. Our BeautySoft® Bra is the first bra that ensures absolute comfort!

We have the responsibility to help!
Oak Tree Jewels

As a response to the many disasters happening in the world right now, we thought that, as we did in the past for Notre-Dame de Paris and the bush fires in Australia, we should play our part and donate 30% of our profits to the WWF Charity Amazon Appeal - as the threats to the Amazon increase - and to the Plant Your Future Charity - which plants trees in the Amazon Rainforest.

Amazing Baby Changing Bag

💖 On walks, on vacation, at work, on weekends, to see your family... you can use it everywhere!

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We offer part of our earnings to charities
Personalized Gifts

💕 Engrave cute messages on beautiful jewels... and more!

It's all about solidarity!

Discover how you can support The Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris.

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