Anti-Fog Cloths

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Anti-Fog Cloths - 2021 Game Changer Gadget

Say goodbye to your fogging glasses, thanks to the Anti-Fog Wipes!

They will offer at least a 24 hours Anti-fog protection on your lenses (each cloth being reusable around 50 times).

● Works on all glasses

● Immediate application for 24 hours of effectiveness

● Say goodbye to fog on your glasses with a simple wipe!

An anti-fog micro-film is applied and protects your lenses from the fog for 24 hours. Even more useful whilst wearing a mask!

Make sure you are seeing right at all times!

HYDROPHOBIC TECHNOLOGY ● How do The Anti-Fog Wipes work?

The answer lies in the ultra-innovative wipe fabric. The wipe is not a classic wipe. It receives a special anti-fog treatment for lenses. The cloth deposits a layer of invisible hydrophobic particles on your glasses. They repel water molecules so that they do not settle on your glasses.
It's not magic, it's science!

Find the comfort of wearing fog-free glasses again, even with a mask on.

Easy to use:
1. Simply clean your glasses with clear water & soap.
2. Exhale on both lenses.
3. Use the anti-fog on the entire surface of the lenses for 10 sec.
4. Put the cloth back in the pouch for reuse.
5. Wash your hands.

Foggy Glasses are now a thing of the past!
A real change in your daily life!
A simple swipe of an anti-fog wipe in the morning will allow you to forget the hassle of fog throughout your day!

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