About Us

Our adventure started 4 years ago, when, starting from scratch, we finally had the guts to jump in and launch our own website.

We like to call ourselves and our beloved customers "Little Flairers". Little Flairers because we assume that we have a keen eye for details and a good sniff for deals. Our favorite hobby is to stroll down flea markets and garage sales on the weekend in search of that one-in-a-million special item, just as treasure seekers. Being fond of decoration and creative products, we would like to share our passion by providing you with good-quality and affordable items.

We finished our respective degrees (Financial Engineering and Marketing) and traveled from Asia to the United States, that's when we knew that we had to do something that would create beauty and inner peace.

Once we came back to our home country - France - we came to the realization that providing customers with products that would endorse the richness of our discoveries, encounters, and heritage, was a dream we had to achieve.

After almost two years of reflection, we decided that 2017 would be the year to start this adventure for real. That is why Little Flair was founded and this online store created. We have selected a line of day-to-day objects that combine the charm of original items and good deals, with a contemporary look: apparels, home decor, lifestyle, gadgets…

Through us, Little Flair has traveled to 20 countries around the world, establishing a new trend, and offering customers a large choice of unusual and amazing products. The evolution of the different collections has led us to constantly look for new series of products, affordable and easy to use, as well as new colors and shapes. We consider that our products have to be easy-going and should meet the needs of the consumer while expressing our touch: timeless objects that fit easily into your homes.

It's all about solidarity!

We are a committed and highly-motivated team which aims at raising awareness on different issues and shedding light on charities that do some great work! We donate 10% to 20% of our profits. Learn more about it here: Shop Responsibly

Not only is this website a store, but it is also a place where you can discover new products on a daily basis through valuable blog posts such as recipes, lookbooks, and flashes of inspiration... Go and follow our Facebook Page to be part of the Little Flair Family: @littleflairofficial

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We would like to thank you for trusting us!

We really hope that you will soon be part of our community of over 100,000 Happy Customers ❤️

💌 If you have any question please contact us 24/7 at: contact@little-flair.com

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