Valentine's Day 10 Best Advices

Valentine’s Day is not just about buying gifts. What really matters are the daily little attentions that show your wife or girlfriend that they still make your heart race. Here are some suggestions that won't cost much.

1. A sweet word every day

Rather than keeping your attention on VD only, make the fun last and throw love words throughout the week to your loved one. A handwritten note hidden inside of her coat on Monday, a little surprise in her bag on Tuesday, a suggestive text, etc. You should remind her every day of how you feel about her.

2. Look at them with love

Look at your partner as if she was the most beautiful wonder in the world. Appreciate what she does for you, and above all, take time to look at her in the eyes.

3. A night just for the two of you

Drop the children at your mom’s and prepare the most charming evening. Music, candles, hot relaxing bubble bath, good wine and a quick meal before spending the evening together. Nothing is better for the love of your life to get some rest and enjoy a carefree evening.

4. A girls' night

Your darling works hard and doesn't have much time to spend with her friends? Without neglecting your romantic evening, why not show some understanding and organize a girls' night once in a while? Your partner can only appreciate this sign of attention.

5. Massage time

Offer to massage her. Even if you don't feel very skilled as a massage therapist, make the effort to untie her muscles. On top of it, add gentle caresses, she can only appreciate your attentions.

6. Unplanned holidays!

Do you know your partner's boss? Can you contact them? If yes, try and get her a day off. A good opportunity for her to do what she likes with you!

7. Time to sleep

Your lover likes to sleep in on weekends? Take the children out, this would allow het to get some extra sleep. When she wakes up she will be surprised by the amazing breakfast you would have prepared for her.

8. Make her favorite meal

Your partner loves your cooking, but you no longer have time to do it because of how crazy your week usually is. Make her happy and take some time to cook her favorite meal. And if she loves breakfasts, serve her one in bed.

9. Let your imagination run wild

Spice up your sex life. Make this evening - and why not the following - an opportunity to innovate.

10. Create a playlist for her

Like most of us, your partner has a smartphone. Well, this is the opportunity to use it wisely. Create a playlist of various songs that remind you of her. Add the playlist to her phone and text her throughout the day to let her know what particular songs to listen to.

Little things are often the most impactful, so don't feel like you aren't doing much. The important thing is to surprise your love with unexpected actions or words.