Glam Body Shaper

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The Perfect Start To Any Outfit

Our customers usually buy 3 to 4 Glam Body Shapers at a time to have a few spare ones while doing laundry!


We have all heard about it and seen it everywhere, especially on famous singers, actresses and TV reality stars such as Kim KardashianEva LongoriaKhloe Kardashian, BeyoncéNicky Minaj, Cardi B... and more! They use it a lot simply because it is so efficient! Our Glam Body Shaper easily refines your silhouette and tones up your tummy! Easy to put on, and so discreet, people will hardly notice it!

  • Everyday Use: Sculpt your silhouette daily with the most comfortable and undetectable Body Shaper (very different from a corset that makes you suffer all day).
  • Boost your Self-Confidence: Get the silhouette you have always dreamed of and wear any outfit you want! You can put anything on top of it! You will look stunning and feel secure with your Body Shaper on!
  • Durable Fabrics: Our Body Shapers are very resistant, highly breathable and hypoallergenic and will not make you sweaty.

This high waist compression Glam Body Shaper will instantly compress the lower abdominal fat and give you a slim look! 

  • Fits from S to XXXL.
  • Helps to drop inches visually and add natural curves.
  • No Rolling Down: a flexible bone system prevents the Body Shaper from rolling down and makes it stay in place. 
  • Back support: It helps you relieve back pain and provides back support to improve your posture. 
  • Designed to be worn as an everyday shaper.
  • Unnoticeable under any outfit.
  • Easy pull-up system, without zipper or hooks.
  • Available in beige and black.

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    💕 The whole world is going trough a difficult time because of Covid-19!
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    We have the responsibility to help!

    Australia is Burning!

    As a response to the Australian disaster, we thought that it is our duty to contribute, as we did in the past for Notre-Dame de Paris and The Red Cross, by donating part of our profits to WIRES Wildlife Rescue Australia, The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and Sydney Taronga Zoo for each product that we sell.
    We have the responsibility to help!

    🔥 We are witnessing another natural disaster. About fifty fires are still destroying Australia, including one which threatens the outskirts of the capital city, Canberra. At least 34 people died, houses burned and nature was destroyed. The fire has already reduced almost 17 million hectares to ashes (the equivalent of two-thirds of a country like the United Kingdom). More than a billion animals are believed to have died and dozens of endangered species have been severely affected.. 🐨🦘🦜🦋🐍🕷

    We know it’s not much but as a small company we still want to contribute.

    Wires Wildlife Rescue Australia Donation Proof Little Flair 1500 AUD

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    Red Cross Australia Charity Little Flair Donation 1500 AUD Proof

    Dear Little Flairer,

    Thank you so much for your donation!
    We’re getting in touch to thank you for your recent donation to help people affected by the bushfires in Australia. We’ve been overwhelmed by your generosity and that of so many others. Please know that your donation is going to where it’s needed.

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    ● Help and healthcare for the wildlife

    💚 We are very grateful for your help! 💚


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    Support Notre-Dame de Paris!

    We were really sad to hear about the Notre-Dame de Paris fire on April 15th.

    We have been selling these rose window necklaces representing Notre-Dame for a while. When the fire happened, we decided to contribute to the cause by giving away part of our earnings to the organization that collects money to rebuild the Cathedral.

    notre dame de paris towers rose window necklace souvenir

    "Thank you very much for your prompt action in canceling my second order. The refund has already shown up. I will have no hesitation in shopping at Little Flair on another occasion, as you have shown yourselves to be an ethical and responsible business." Denise

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