Hydrogen-Rich Water Generator Bottle

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Make The Simplest Change! 
Transform the quality of your water in only 3 minutes! 

Generate hydrogen-rich water in just three minutes – anywhere – all day long.
Drink anti-oxidant water that boosts your immune system throughout your day.
Feel energized with improved hydration

3 Min & 3 Steps: 
● Fill up the bottle
Push Press (3 min cycle)
● Drink & Be Healthy

How to use the RiverBreath Bottle?

- Press the button to transform your water into hydrogen and oxygen gas in an electrolysis process. This hydrogen gas infuses into the water creating antioxidant (energy giving) water.
- Let the Bottle do the work for 3 minutes (the light will turn off when water is ready)
- Drink it and start your healthy detox!

With the RiverBreath Patented Hydrogen-Rich Water Bottle, you will be able to get a sip of what fresh air tastes like! Supported by Scientific Research, we have imagined a next generation of Hydrogen-Rich Generator Bottle, that will instantly revitalize your body through innovative water science.

The RiverBreath Hydrogen Generator Bottle was developed thanks to water structuring research and advanced filtering technology. The filtering design fights the oxidative impurities (mostly chlorine) which can cause extensive damage to your body. 

Drink Hydrogen-Rich Water Everywhere!

According to the Molecular Hydrogen Institute (www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com), "Although the research is early, the 1000+ scientific articles suggest that H2 has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models, and essentially every organ of the human body."

H2 Concentration: our bottle produces highly-concentrated Hydrogen water (up to an impressive 1300 parts per billion)!!

What is hydrogenated water?

Hydrogenated water is as its name suggests hydrogen-rich water. Hydrogenated water therefore contains more H + ions (Hydron). It is better absorbed by the body and when we know that the main role of water in our body is to clean it, we understand the importance of drinking good quality water.


The main purpose of consuming hydrogenated water is the fight against free radicals. Removing free radicals in the body improves health. Indeed, free radicals are molecules that have lost an electron. To stabilize again, the molecule will "bite" an electron onto the nearest molecule and so on. This creates a chain reaction that will spread throughout the body until it changes the structure of our DNA.
This reaction is called oxidative stress. It is due to an imbalance between oxidizing and antioxidant free radicals, an accumulation of free radicals that can be stopped by antioxidants.

Hydrogenated water is antioxidant water. It will help fight oxidative stress effectively. Indeed, the hydrogen present in excess in this water will bind to a free radical and thus stop its propagation, hence the name of antioxidant.

Free radicals are associated with the degenerative aging process. Free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells to neutralize their own charge, causing cellular damage. Hydrogen provides a key purpose in neutralizing these free radical due to it’s ability to provide the needed electrons.

These free radicals are produced by different factors such as smoking, pollution, inflammation, UV radiation, ionizing radiation.
Free radicals thus cause cell damage on several levels:
- Genetics (to DNA), Immune system, Premature aging, Diseases of all kinds

How does it work?

Water (H2O) will be transformed by a membrane which will add "active" hydrogen molecules, thus generating an electrical energy called "redox potential" (ORP). We then obtain a molecule called "hydranion". More concretely, these are water molecules with additional electrons available. Thus, free radicals, which are lacking in electrons, will recover the additional electrons from hydranions, and not from other molecules. The secret of hydrogenated water is that an unstable element seeks to regain its balance. The free radicals, positively charged, will then seek the hydranions, negatively charged. An ion exchange takes place and the two molecules thus regain their stability.

Scientific Research Show Positive Impact of Hydrogen-Rich Water on: 

-Hearing Loss
-Weigh Loss
-Athletic Performance
-Mood Disorders
-Antioxidant and Brain Protection

--> Learn More here: www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com/studies

- Glass Cleaning: (be careful the base is not waterproof!) Remove glass from base and lid. Dishwater safe.
- Charging: For optimal hydrogen production, charge the battery to full (green light). Battery life is up to 30 pushes per charge.
- Hydrogen water is far more hydrating than tap water. It is also non-toxic and safe. Optimal hydration is 2 litres per day. The RiverBreath Bottle hydration levels are higher than normal. It's because of the increased absorption thanks to the hydrogen.
- You will notice an increase of change in a small period of time by drinking hydrogen-rich water everyday: more energy, body detoxification, rehydration, less toxins, clean skin, happy mood and more! 
- Drink as much as you like! Our cells are naturally made to live in an alkaline environment (water).
- After you have produced the hydrogen-rich water from the RiverBreath Bottle, the hydrogen-rich water has a 3 hours life. So we recommend that you drink the hydrogen-rich water as soon possible and only produce as much as you are able to drink in a 3 hours time.

Next Level Hydration!

!Fun Facts!
One and a half liters of hydrogen-rich water per day is equivalent to the antioxidant value of: 
- 38 carrots
- 516 apples
- 756 bananas
- 4 pumpkins

To conclude, hydrogenated water is your best ally in the fight against excessive oxidative stress. It will rebalance your oxidant / antioxidant ratio to be healthier.

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