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Never again should your hard and cold butter rip apart your piece of bread 🍞

I guess we have all been here before:

That awful moment when you realize the butter is not soft enough and that it will be a nightmare to get those toasts buttered! At best, your toast will be ripped apart. At worst, it will ruin your snack and make you feel sad and angry all day! Just when you were about to give up on butter for breakfast...

Here comes the SoftyButter™!

Now it's over: never again should your hard and cold butter rip apart your piece of bread before you have a chance to eat it!

The SoftyButter™ turns cold and hard butter into a soft sumptuous spreadable butter! This SoftyButter™ knife will prevent your sandwich or toast from being ripped apart!

The SoftyButter™: the kitchen device that promises to make buttered toast a lot easier!

The design of the SoftyButter™ is very special and will delight all the "butter enthusiasts". It makes sure cold butter spreads evenly!!

The SoftyButter™ is made of stainless steel. It is designed like a butter knife, but along one edge, there is a bunch of tiny holes. Having being grated this allows  the butter to be spread easily, while the round hole at the top makes big long slice to create a nice curl.

Impress your friends and family with all the curls and swirls you can make!

Good to know: Due to high demand we are now running low on this product. Try and place your order while supplies last! If we run out of stock please check back in 2-3 months.

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