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"I also use it for my bracelets"

—Monica C, Little Flair customer

The new trend is to wear different necklaces at once to get a gorgeous boho-chic style! Perfect over cozy sweaters, or cute tops, layered necklaces are a must-have!

The problem is the following: your beautiful necklaces are all tangled up around your neck even before the day ends.

But our Detangler is the answer to this!
It separates your necklaces and avoids a tangled mess!

● Pick your favorite color between gold and silver plated!
● You can attach up to 4 necklaces at the same time!
● Easy to use, and perfect for any type of necklace with a clasp!
● To get a beautiful layered necklace it is better to select necklaces of different lengths!

Layered Necklaces Gold


  1. Clasp the spring ring of the necklace onto the side of the detangler without spring rings.
  2. Use the spring side of the detangler to clasp onto the other side of the necklace.
  3. Open the clasp by pulling the ends of the tube in opposite directions and place around your neck.
  4. Push the tube back together.

Tip: Attach one side of all the necklaces first and let it hang to get the tangles out, then carefully attach to the other end one by one.

Good to know: Due to high demand we are now running low on this product. Try and place your order while supplies last! If we run out of stock please check back in 2-3 months.

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