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🌿 Live In Peace With Birds 🌿

This beautiful and clear window bird feeder allows you to watch small garden birds from up close while they eat outside your window. If you are a bird-watching enthusiast, then this is for you!

Made from clear plexiglass BirdzFeed™ - Window Bird Feeder - has three strong suction pads on the back for secure fixing to the window. Simply attach Birdzfeed to your window, thanks to the suction pads, then sit down and enjoy the view! The feeder has a roof which helps keep the food dry during bad weather and is suitable for all types of bird food. The pod unhooks from the suction pads to make cleaning easier.

🌿 Take care of birds 😍

This "see-through" bird feeder easily accommodates most birds while offering them protection against wind and rain.
Once, we heard from one customer who has now a whole family of birds living in the BirdzFeed™! Our luckiest customer has also had the chance to see squirrels grab some food on the BirdzFeed™!

  • "I can watch my neighborhood birds all day long" - Mary
  • "I am so glad to feed my birds and to see that they are in good shape! Depending on the types of seeds I put in my BirdzFeed I attract different kinds of birds." - Amelie
  • "My cat is hypnotized by these wild birds!" - David
  • "I am so happy with this window feeder I have a great view of the birds eating from my bed!" - Katy

BirdzFeed™ is perfect to use at home, in your summer house, or even at school! A window feeder is a great way for children to learn about birds and nature.

Sit back and wait for the birds to arrive. It only took about a week for the birds to find our window feeder and it’s been a hive ever since.

  • Wonderful piece of decor which brings nature at home
  • Perfect for observing or studying birds up close
  • Provides a clear view of birds while they eat
  • Suitable for all types of foods
  • Easy to clean: pod unhooks from suction pads
  • Secure: easy window fixing with super strong suction cups
  • High-quality plastic: no assembly required
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 6.2cm


Ensure that your window is clean and dry before attaching the feeder. Wet the three suctions pads on the back and secure them to your window. Leave the pads to dry for a couple of hours before filling with food. Remove old food and clean BirdzFeed™ regularly.

At Little Flair, we are lucky to have our BirdzFeed™ positioned in our office area so that we can watch the birds as we work! Birds are one of our favorite little creatures.

🐥 Bring more birds into your world! 🌿

Good to know: Due to high demand we are now running low on this product. Try and place your order while supplies last! If we run out of stock please check back in 2-3 months.

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